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Mobile technology has overtaken desktop as not only the popular but also as primary device used to explore the web and access websites. It won’t be wrong to conclude that mobile has very well and truly taken the world by storm. Here, we will discuss the fundamentals related to page speed and responsive design. Not just this but we will also look beyond and find out user experience that is tailored to mobile devices.

What’s there on Google’s wish list?

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Below are mentioned the three chief facts taken from Google’s promotional elements that explain the need and importance of mobile optimization:

  • Majority of people use mobile phone over computer to search their preferences or needs
  • Sites that are not mobile-friendly turn-off the viewers
  • More than half of the users leave websites that take more than three seconds to load

The mobile-first index

This definitely makes sense, as more searches are done on mobiles than done on desktops. Though we are repeatedly highlighting the craze of mobiles, the real importance will be seen from 2017 when it will become the driving factor for conversion rates from audience traffic and improved rankings.

Mobile-friendly approach

To gain maximum advantage from this, it is required to look how mobile-friendly content is delivered. Checkout the three possible approaches mentioned below:

  • Dynamic content
  • Responsive web design
  • Separate URLs (mobile site)

Mobile optimization

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There are a number of tools that can be used for testing for mobile usability. Moreover, search console also has a mobile usability report that explains issues on a page-by-page level. Some of the most popular issues are:

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  • Flash usage
  • Touch elements too close
  • Content not sized to viewport
  • Viewport not configured
  • Interstitial usage
  • Small font size
  • Fixed-width viewport
  • Content not sized to

Page speed

Be it every device, page speed is extremely important. However, it is mainly important on mobile when users are looking for quick answers. Some of the best recommendations for technical improvements include:

  • Optimize images
  • Enable compression
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • Minify CSS

Mobile user experience

Financial data analyzing

Both page speed and mobile-friendly designs are the basic elements of a mobile-optimized site. However, there are other important components as well. Hence, it is important to provide users what they are looking for. Besides, make it easy and simple for them to meet their goals.

Overall, focusing on these areas is important to create a website that is not only easy to access but also offers a smooth experience on mobile device. Right from improved visibility in organic search to increased conversion rates, focusing on mobile users allows helps in surpassing the competitors successfully.

In 2017, make sure to concentrate on your mobile users and offer them everything they expect from you.


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