It has a deep implication right from its launch. Google disavow link was most awaited and much talked about topic in industry. It will be interesting to understand how and why it is so important for a website. If you are a SEO expert and working on a site actively it holds a great significance for you. The first question which hits one mind is what it is actually. Keeping it in simple words, It is the tool which asks you to work on unnatural links which are directing traffic to your website.


 This is not something new to Digital marketing experts. They know many websites obtain good rankings on search engine by buying links or obtaining them through link networks so as to take their rankings on peak. This falls into category of negative SEO, which is a dark side of SEO. It is possible to generate ten thousands of links with in a span of few days. This link spam may not hit you directly. But it can negatively affect a website’s ranking on search engine.

The Penguin Update was launched by Google with an objective of catching the sites which deemed to spam their search results on Google. When a new Penguin Update is released, those sites which have removed bad links or taken some action for it, then those sites may regain rankings. There are users who get frustrated with the low quality links to their sites. In past, there was hardly any control to these spam links. You were supposed to write down an email to web masters to help you with it. There was no easy and direct way out. You can now remove unnecessary back links from your websites or blogs. This fine tool enables you to remove the Spammy links.

It has armed the users to empower them to report the spam links to web masters and get help to quickly get out of it. According to Google’s official page, when you are unable to work more for removing the Spammy or low-quality links from the web, you can disavow rest of the links. You can ask them, not to count on certain links while assessing your site.

When you submit a request to disavow links on your site, it means you are asking it not to take certain links into account while assessing your site. Your request will be automatically processed. Those links will be treated as no follow tag as if they are not directing to your site for link counting and analysis. If you treat links as votes, you are asking search engine not to count those votes in your favor or against. Those links will not be counted for your results on search engine, neither for better or worse towards the ranking of your site.

When you find it difficult to control spam links, you should use this feature right away. The process starts with listing down the links which you want to deny your support to. For this, you can use the Google webmaster tool to download a list of back links to your website. You can also employ independent back link checker tool to obtain all old, new and dead links. Post generating a list of to be disavowed links, you need to create a text file and pen down one link which you wish to disavow. You can also mention the entire domain, if you want to get rid of any links from that domain. You can now go to Google disavow links page, select your domain and click on Disavow link.

Going further, on the next page, click on disavow link again and it will open up. Now you are supposed to upload the links from the list you prepared previously.  You have successfully reported all spam links to Google. It may drop your ranking on search engine. So, only SEO experts with thorough knowledge should do this.


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