Is Google Keyword Research Still Relevant in 2016?


Keyword research begins with typing few words in the search box. It is a process of researching and identifying words and phrases users will likely search that directly relate to your business, product or service.  Earlier, keyword was a hot topic and you could stuff your website with keywords to get it rank well in the search results. But search engines are much more complex today. With constantly updated algorithms, now it is difficult to trick the algorithm.

Keyword research is fundamental to everything you do online. It is valuable as ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. By researching your market’s keyword demand, you can learn about the phrases, which will directly target your audience. Selecting right keywords and using them properly in the website means your site is optimized for showing up in search engine results whenever someone searches for those keywords.

Why is keyword research the most important element of search engine marketing?

After understanding the basic concepts of Keywords, now it is time to dive into a little deeper. Back until 2012, it was important to mention Meta keywords, but in the year 2016, search engines have become smarter to auto detect the keywords and rank your website accordingly. So, should you care about keywords in 2016? Are keywords still relevant?

If you are serious about having a successful online business, which captures leads, increases user traffic, and converts visitors into customers, then you should definitely look forward to have the correct keyword strategy.

Basic considerations during keyword research

The right keyword research for SEO process would help you convert your visitors into customers. The following will describe important steps and considerations that will keep you in proper track.

Creating a list of keywords

Keep yourself in the shoes of your targeted audience and create a list of keyword phrases which can be used to find products and services you are offering. Think about how creative the potential users can be.

Streamline your list using keyword research tool

Thanks to advanced technology, you can come across different keyword research tools that can help you determine the best keywords for your business. The tools will also help you identify particular phrase that has a good combination in terms of demand and relevance to search results.

Shortlist using keyword suggestion

With keyword suggestion tools, you can refine your search further. The tool can help you refine initial list by providing better insights on how to target customers. Local SEO services can help you find the right keyword for your website.

Be careful about using broad keywords

Several online users make use of broad keywords, but using broad keywords can make you face a lot of competition. There is a possibility that audience that may not turn into customers will get attracted. Broad keywords are perfect for the businesses, which targets customers globally.

Keywords related to specific products you offer

Your business may offer products and services of different categories. You should target every product individually to bring customers. It will provide you with a better chance of attracting targeted leads looking for the right kind of products featured in a particular category.

Maximize long tail keywords

Last but not the least, long tail keywords should be considered. Long tail keywords are not search by many people, however who is performing a search through long tail keywords have something in their mind. They are looking for something particular and when they get the desired product, they will definitely buy it. Most of the people use long tail keywords in their content to rank highly in SERPs.

Wrapping up:

Instead of waiting for someone to knock your door, it is better to take privilege from experts. They are well aware of the tactics and digital marketing strategies to make sure that your website rule search engine.

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