SEO Ninja-Easy Tips to Strategize Your Content for SEO


If you have been producing content in a haphazard manner, then it is time to buckle down and define your SEO content strategy to help your business rank eventually. If there is one thing that you have learned from the Penguin and Panda updates then it should be high quality content. The content and SEO should go hand in hand and sticking to best practice in SEO will help you deliver quality content.

Define your goals

First, determine your goals as a business. If your target is to drive sales through your website or attract new customers focusing on rich content is important. Strategies your online marketing solutions to grasp the attention of the customers easily.

Consider your audience

Knowing your audience can help you get a better picture about what you should offer.  If you want to target youngsters, you might want to focus on catchy texts, images and videos; however, if you want to target business professionals, you might want to create high-level white papers and more.

Choose your keywords wisely 

Even before you start writing an article, you should consider what keywords you should choose. The main keywords should be included in the title, meta tags and in the body. However, don’t overstuff keywords or the readers won’t return back to your site ever.

Write useful and engaging content 

Always write content that are useful and entertaining. Site that share relevant content can grasp more attention from the readers. If the content is more original, fresh and engaging, it will help in churning out more ranking. Improve your content’s readability by writing short paragraphs. Your content marketing strategies should include writing crisp and to the point content. One can even use sub-headlines. Breaking the content into blocks of text and separate them by sub-headlines can help in summarizing the content. Embrace the content with bullet points. Readers are more likely to prefer reading clear, concise ideas rather than big chunks of texts.

Keep your content short

Short and crisp articles catch attention of the viewers easily. You need to be considerate your reader’s time. As reader’s don’t have much time and they are flooded with different articles, blogs, etc, you should strategies your content to ensure that your reader get benefitted from it in 5 minutes. Try to break up your content in points to make it more engaging or use images to attract people.

Proof read your material before you publish

Proof read your articles are a must for every writer. There should be no error in your content and it should be free from any mistakes. Proof read your work again and again to ensure the product is free from any errors. Make sure the content is free from any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If you rely on keywords and misspell them, then your hard works become futile. So, avoid annoying your readers with bad phrases, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Provide extra information by linking to other resources

The main idea behind content marketing plan is to make your visitors stay for longer period of time. So, directing them to other resources they might be interested in can help them stay longer. Link to other pages that provide more information. However, it should look natural. Do not overdo it or readers will fly away in minutes.

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