ORM Stretegies: Facebook Reviews Vs Yelp Reviews

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After launching Facebook reviews, market analysts found a considerable reduction in the share price of Yelp. As it is deemed to be Facebook can turn out to be a bigger player in the business of online directories and mass-sourced reviews. On such speculative grounds, there has been a drastic fall of share prices of Yelp. Through the Facebook platform, the users can look in to the reviews of local businesses and services and thus it turns out to be a big competitor of Yelp.

From painters to plumbers, people can seek any kind of reviews from such features. Till now, Yelp was the most reliable reviews provider but now Mark Zuckerberg has potentially entered the field of reviews. As of today, only desktop version is available that lists hundreds of local business along with star ratings, mapped location and both user-generated and official newspaper reviews of the businesses. If the user is interested in any of the business, he will be automatically directed to the Facebook page of the business in order to obtain more detailed information and data.

Reviews are important, always. Apart from Facebook and Yelp, various Online Marketing Services and Social Media Marketing Services providers offer premium services on Effective ORM Strategies and increasing brand reputation of your company. These providers specialize in sending automatic emails to your customers, requesting them to submit their reviews on the products. This is a very simple technique but this technique generated a hell lot of positive reviews and feedbacks from customers who are happy with the services.

Coming back to the discussion of yelp and Facebook, although there is much reasons for yelp to fear, it is still quite early to predict Facebook’s outmanoeuvring. Yelp is in this business for a considerable time and Facebook is just a new player and one of the most concerning factor is its mobile incompatibility. On top of that, Facebook’s review lacks some of the robust features of Yelp’s, like it lacks the sophisticated touch of Yelp. You can’t view everything over here at a glance as it lacks cool filters and proper alignment. Yelp is ruling this market of online reviews and directories and it is quite evident from their page and user-friendly interface. On the other hand, Facebook is at the learning phase and it really needs to work on how a user normally interacts with information and data, presented on a webpage.

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